ISS Kerberos Test Tool

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This tool is used to test kerberos configuration on ISS and verifies correct SPN settings.

1. Unzip files to desired location that is local to the IIS server.
2. In the IIS MMC create a new virtual directory that points to the folder with the unzipped files.
3. Configure the virtual directory as an IIS application
    a. In the IIS MMC right-click the vDir and choose Properties.
    b. On the “Virtual Directory” tab click “Create” (if already configured as an IIS app you’ll see a “Remove” button instead)
4. Ensure that “Scripts Only” (recommended) or “Scripts and Executables” is enabled for this vDir.

Kerberos Test web Application

UserInfo Report Definition – Test Report to verify Kerberos is connecting to the back end database/report server.

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    Posted on my birthday. Quite a nice present. Thanks! (:

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