Refresh All SCCM DPs With Latest Package

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Refresh all Packages on a SCCM DP
I used this successfully in an environment with a primary and multiple secondaries.  Below are the instructions how it works and a few things that you will likely want to change to customize it.
This is to be saved as a HTA file.  There are 3 fields for you to fill in:
SCCM Primary Site Code
SCCM Primary Server Name
SCCM Site Code (to Refresh)
These variables get passed to enable the connection to the primary and ultimatly the DP refresh.  The “SCCM Site Code” is the code for the site you wish to refresh.  For example if your primary is ABC and a secondary is 123 – ABC is the “SCCM Primary Site Code” and 123 would be the “SCCM Site Code”.  If 123 has multiple DP’s in the infrastructure design all of them will have their packages refreshed.

Replace LOGO.gif with your company’s logo
I use an images folder for LOGO.gif and winicon.ico

Refresh SCCM DPs

Thanks to Joshua Smueller of for this HTA script.


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