Oracle Application Server and SSL with Oracle Wallet

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1. Open Oracle Wallet Manager
     New (create new passwrd) or Open existing

2. Add Certificate Request

3. Import Certificate Response

4. Import Certificate Authority as Trusted Source

5. Save Wallet in correct location

6. Update Oracle Wallet Passwords in ssl.conf under the Oracle\Apache\Apache\conf folder

7. Update Settings in Oracle Enterprise Manager Application Server Control

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  1. rizwan
    2011/10/14 at 09:15:36

    Hi Jamie ,

    I don’t know where to ask this question so asking here ..

    We have installed Oracle webcache (10.1.2) and Oracle IS (10.2.0) on a server .. Client requirement is that when they type a URL like it should be converted to .. This URL should be converted on the server where we have installed webcache and IS .. How do i do that in webcache or IS ?

    • Jamie
      2011/10/14 at 13:16:20

      I am not familiar with that process. I have not run across a need to do that. You could use alias or something similar to what apache does?

  2. Neil Dombrowski
    2010/08/30 at 17:23:29

    Trying to put Apache in front of an OAS server in my DMZ. I want to use the same SSL cert/key that is currently in OAS’ wallet. I can get the cert easily; is there a way I can get(export?) the key so I could use the key-pair on my webserver?


    • Jamie
      2010/09/02 at 10:31:51

      Is there not an export key option inside of oracle wallet manager?

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