When trying to launch app-v application it errors with 4605F3-0B211004-00000A09

2010-04-15 / APP-V / 1 Comments

When launching application it errors 4605F3-0B211004-00000A09


1. Delete the icon because the application no longer exists in the app-v client.

2. If the application does exist in the app-v server verify logs to see why it is not getting published to the workstation.
It could be getting blocked due to invalid OS VALUE or some other parameter.

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APP-V Application not showing up due to error rc 0C405A44-00001007

2010-04-15 / APP-V / 0 Comments

The Application is not showing up and You get an error in the sftlog.txt like the following:

The app manager could not create an application from ‘\\SERVERNAME\Applications\AdbRdr93\Adobe Reader 9’ (rc 0C405A44-00001007).


The OSD file is not enabled to push to the client OS. Add our OS Value into the OSD File as follows:  

  <OS VALUE=”Win7″/>
  <OS VALUE=”Win764″/>
  <OS VALUE=”WinXP”/>


Or remove all lines containing OS VALUE so that all OS’ can load the application.

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Change an iPhone Application’s Icon

2010-04-11 / iPhone / 0 Comments

1. SSH into iphone.


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Outlook 2010 Not Selecting Items Out of Global Address Book

2010-04-05 / Desktop / 2 Comments


When creating new messages the  Check Names does not find users in the address book. The users have to go change the address book from their address took the Global Address List each time.


Set the Default address book for new messages
1. Click Address Book
2.Click Tools->Options from Address book window
3. Click Custom
4. Add Global Address List
5. Move Global Address List to top
6. Select Global Address List from “Show this address list first”

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