19D0810A-10000004 error in sftlog.txt log file

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The following error appears in the sftlog.txt file when trying to refresh or connect to app-v server with app-v client

[05/06/2010 11:12:06:531 MIME ERR] {tid=1154:usr=Jamie}
Failure on Desktop Configuration Server request to URL {rtsp://} with header {Host:
Content-Type: text/xml
AppV-Op: Refresh
} (rc 19D0810A-10000004).


SQL 2008 R2 and APP-V Server are located on the same machine. When we rebooted the server APP-V started before the SQL service causing APP-V service to error out. Configure APP-V service with delayed start or dependency on SQL.

Also seen this error because the firewall was turned on the server and the client PC could not connect to the correct 554 port. Verify the client has some form of communication to the servers ports by telneting into the port and see if you get a TCP connection.

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