Extended Mimosa NearPoint attachment not opening

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After double clicking on email with extended attachment the email comes right up without loading Mimosa. No attachment is available.

1. Corrupt Form Cache -> Clear Cache -> Restart Outlook
2. If that does not work, make sure allow forms that bypass Outlook is checked

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  1. Atul Sureka
    2011/04/03 at 06:15:41

    Form cache curruption is a MS outlook issue. NearPoint has in-built tool to clear the cache (mentioned in the documents). That would help to clear the form cache.

    • Linda
      2012/02/02 at 16:04:01

      Wher can I get product suport for Mimosa NearPoint ?
      I have a system and need some help. I am in Wester Mass.


      • Jamie
        2012/02/02 at 16:42:09

        What kind of support? Do you not have a support contract with them?

    • Jamie
      2011/04/05 at 11:44:10

      Thanks I will take a look. I think at time I was experiencing the issues they didn’t have the tool.

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