PeopleSoft: Could not create shared cache (0,0)

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When trying to sign into PeopleSoft the error Could not create shared cache (0,0)


Verify there is enough free space on the  file systems
Common directories to look at: * /u01/app/ptools849/psoftXXX/appserv/XXXX%APPDOMAIN%/LOGS
You can also run “df -m|more” when inside of /u01/app/ptools849/psoftXXX to see which directories are using the most space


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  1. Scott Simpson
    2011/05/09 at 12:54:40

    In windows Server 2008 I resolve this issue by opening Application Designer by right clicking the shortcut and opening as administrator.

    Even if I specify in the shortcut to run as administrator, I still get this error.

    /OS Fail

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