The security database on the server does not have a computer account for this workstation trust

2010-05-06 / Server / 2 Comments


After joining a windows 2008 server to the domain you can not log in and it gives you the error:
The security database on the server does not have a computer account for this workstation trust

I’ve seen this on mostly 2008 Servers in my environment.


  Open ADSI Edit
2.  Expand your domain
3.  Expand the DC=<yourdomain>,DC=com
4.  Expand CN=Computers
5.  Find the computer name in question and right click and select Properties
6.  Under the Attribute Editor find SERVICEPRINCIOLENAME
7.  Click Edit
8.  You should at a MINIMUM the following (you might have many others as well, but these
     two entries HAVE to be present to log into the domain)
               a.  HOST/<servername>
               b.  HOST/<> 
9.  Click OK and then OK again
10.  Close ADSI Edit and reboot the server having the problems logging into the domain.

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Change Scroll Speed of BMC Self Service Ticker

2010-05-06 / BMC Service Desk Express / 0 Comments

In order to change the scroll speed for the Whiteboard banner in BMC Service Desk Self Service please follow these steps:

1. Log into the Web Application Server.
2. Go to this folder \BMC\Service Desk Express\Self Service Desk
3. Take a backup copy for the file tabnavigation.xsl
4. Open the file tabnavigation.xsl with notepad.
5. Search for the word scrolldelay.
6. The following text should appear: <marquee id=”marqWBNotice” loop=”infinite” scrollamount=”3″ scrolldelay=”150″> </marquee>
7. Edit the Scrolldelay value to the desired one, for example: “<marquee id=”marqWBNotice” loop=”infinite” scrollamount=”3″ scrolldelay=”10″> </marquee>”
8. Save the changes.
9.  Clear your Internet Explorer Cache.
10.  Launch Self Service verify that Whiteboard banner works as desired

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Extended Mimosa NearPoint attachment not opening

2010-05-06 / Desktop, Mimosa NearPoint / 4 Comments

After double clicking on email with extended attachment the email comes right up without loading Mimosa. No attachment is available.

1. Corrupt Form Cache -> Clear Cache -> Restart Outlook
2. If that does not work, make sure allow forms that bypass Outlook is checked

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WebLogic SSL Configuration Document

2010-05-06 / WebLogic / 0 Comments

This document will assist in enabling SSL directly on the webservers if you are unable or do not have a front end load balancer to offload SSL.


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PeopleSoft Hidden Webserver Commands

2010-05-06 / PeopleSoft / 0 Comments

http://%server/psp/%site/?cmd=reloadconfig&pwd=dayoff – Reloads the Web Profile
http://%server/psp/%site/?cmd=viewconfig&pwd=password – Displays currently cached Web Profile
http://%server/psp/%site/?cmd=purge&pwd=password – Purges webserver memory cache (portal registry, etc.)
http://%server/psp/%site/?cmd=viewcp&pwd=password – Displays cached node URIs
http://%server/psp/%site/?cmd=viewsprop&pwd=password – Display’s session properties (doesn’t seem to work in 8.44+ anymore)
http://%server/psp/%site/?cmd=debugCache&pwd=password – Cache Control Center… allows you to do all sorts of things with your web cache (8.45.05+ only)
The [password] parameter is defined in the Web Profile as a custom property called auditPWD.

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PeopleSoft LDAP Configuration With SSL

2010-05-06 / PeopleSoft / 0 Comments

The following guides will assist in configuring PeopleSoft to use Active Directory for authentication with SSL enabled.
I followed the guides on my HCM, FMS, and Portal Systems and everything is working as normal. Be careful when configuring the ewallet file because that is where I had problems the first go around.


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