Enable or Disable all subscriptions in SCOM 2007 R2

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I needed to disable all the alerts on the SCOM server which required me to disable all subscriptions.


From the Operations Manager 2007 R2 Powershell I was able to run the following command

Get-NotificationSubscription | Disable-NotificationSubscription

After I was complete I ran

Get-NotificationSubscription | Enable-NotificationSubscription

which turned all alerts backs on. BE WARNED, it will send all alerts that are in the queue.

There is a tool which will allow you to stop and start all notifications without sending alerts that are queued. It is located at



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  1. […] Subscriptions can be disabled after the MP is added but it’s much less noisy if this is done beforehand. If needed you can automate the process to disable all subscriptions using PowerShell (Get-SCOMNotificationSubscription | Disable-SCOMNotificationSubscription)  [This may take a while with lots of subscriptions…] [ This is an OpsMgr 2021 updated version of the information provided at  http://jamiebaldanza.org/2010/12/10/enable-or-disable-all-subscriptions-in-scom-2007-r2/%5D […]

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