Microsoft Office Outlook Cannot Provide Form Scripting Support On Terminal Server

2010-03-15 / Desktop, Server / 1 Comments

Microsoft Office Outlook cannot provide form scripting support

  • If this is occuring on a Terminal Server it is by default as Micrsoft does not allow VBS to run on TS.

A workaround can be applied by:

* Copy the Program Files\Microsoft Office\OfficeXXXX\Outlvbs.dll file from a computer that is not 
       running Microsoft Outlook onto the Terminal Server.
* Delete all registry entries for OutlookVBScript on the TS
* Exit Outlook and go back in.
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PC Reboots When Connecting With Remote Desktop

2010-03-10 / Desktop / 0 Comments

The reason for pc’s restarting when attempting to open a Remote Desktop session is due to an outdated video driver, specifically Intel. The correct video driver is noted below. This is for the 82945G chipset. The update driver version that works is version

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