Windows NFS server and issues with php rename() and chown

2014-11-14 / Linux, SAN, Server, Server 2008 R2 / 0 Comments

Problem: Windows NFS has various mount points exported. on a UNIX system you use php and a method to move/rename files using php rename() .

while normally chown is restricted to root access, you can still chown to yourself in linux.

the rename() method in php also does a chown() which changes the owner to itself, not sure why, but it does. This caused problems when connected to our NFS server hosted in windows and we were unable to reproduce it on a local linux storage or a linux NFS server. The problem was due to the nature of Windows NFS server.

“Users accessing NFS shares from a Windows Server 2008 R2 based NFS server may get the error “Permission Denied” while trying to run the ‘chown’ command from UNIX NFS clients. This can happen even though the user is the owner of the files. The UNIX “root” user does not exhibit these issues.”

Solution: Apply recommended registry setting for Windows Server 2008 R2, although we were running Server 2012 this is still relevant

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Attempt to update DNS Host Name of the computer object in Active Directory failed.

2010-08-05 / Server, Server 2008 R2 / 1 Comments


Attempt to update DNS Host Name of the computer object in Active Directory failed. The updated value was ‘VXXXESB-JX.CXXX.iXXXt’. The following error occurred:
The parameter is incorrect.


After looking at wireshark logs for a different issue related to message queuing I noticed some strange entry for dNSHostName which did not match to the computer name. I opened ADUC and browsed the attributes and noticed this:

After editing the attribute and changing it to the correct value it should have been “ESB” the error went away and the message queuing app started working again.

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Microsoft APP-V 4.6 on Windows Server 2008 R2

2010-03-24 / APP-V, Server, Server 2008 R2 / 0 Comments

Work in Progress Installing as Stand alone

  1. Install Roles
    1. Application Server
    2. Web Server (IIS)
      1. w/ IIS Mangement Console and Scripts and Tools
      2. w/ Windows Authentication
      3. w/ ASP.NET and .NET Extensibility
    3. Reboot
  2. Install APP-V 4.6
    1. When Installing from 4.6 the server portion of the application is still 4.5 SP1
    2. Select Custom for more advanced install
    3. Reboot
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