Extend encrypted LVM By adding new physical disk

2014-01-23 / Linux, SAN, VMWare / 0 Comments

1. Verify the volume group and the logical volume name:


2. Add a new hard disk device to add to the volume group (in this example /dev/sdd):

pvcreate /dev/sdd
vgextend existing_volume_group /dev/sdd

3. After extending the volume group, extend the underlying Logical Volume (500GB):

sudo lvextend -L+500G /dev/existing_volume_group/logicalvolume_data

4. Resize the Crypt:

sudo cryptsetup resize /dev/mapper/

5. Resize filesystem:

sudo resize2fs /dev/mapper/

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Find which VM has snapshots on datastores

2011-04-14 / VMWare / 0 Comments

Problem: Many VMs had snapshots not listed in snapshot manager but still existed on the filesystem.


Find all the snapshots on the datastores and clean them up by either cloning the virtual machine or command line tools.

Run this command on a host that has access to all the datastores you wish to scan.

find /vmfs/volumes/ -name “*delta*” -type f  -print0 | xargs -0 du –human-readable –total|less

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VMware vSphere Client On Windows 7

2010-03-24 / Desktop, VMWare, Windows 7 / 0 Comments

vSphere client is now fully supported on Windows 7 using 4.0 Update 1 version.

No hacking required.


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VMWare Fiber Connection Best Practices

2010-03-15 / VMWare / 0 Comments


Best Practice fibre cabling would be like so:
A0, B1, A2, B3 are all plugged into Fabric_A
B0, A1, B2, A3 are all plugged into Fabric_B

First HBA from each host plugs into Fabric_A
Second HBA from each host plugs into Fabric_B

Zoning example for Host1 zone on Fabric_A:
Zone members = Host HBA, A0, B1, A2, B3

Zoning example for Host1 on Fabric_B
Zone members = Host HBA, B0, A1, B2, A3
Clariion Settings

There are also two parameters that you need to pay particular attention to when working with Clariion Storage Systems
– The Failover Mode and The ArrayCommPath settings.
These control the behavior of the Clariion when a ‘trespass’ occurs on the array.
Trespass basically means that the ownership of a LUN moves from one SP to the other.

From an ESX server perspective there are two setting for these values.

-For a non-failover environment, the settings are as follows:

Initiator Type: Clariion Open
Failover Mode: 0
Array Commpath: Disabled

-For a failover-enabled environment, the settings are as follows:

Initiator Type: Clariion Open
Failover Mode: 1
Array Commpath: Enabled


Ensure ALL ESX servers on the Clariion are using MRU policy – your paths should look similar to the example below:

# esxcfg-mpath -l

Disk vmhba2:0:0 /dev/sdc (10240MB) has 4 paths and policy of Most Recently Used
FC 3:11.0 210000e08b1c8e42<->500601683021b9df vmhba2:0:0

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