Change Scroll Speed of BMC Self Service Ticker

2010-05-06 / BMC Service Desk Express / 0 Comments

In order to change the scroll speed for the Whiteboard banner in BMC Service Desk Self Service please follow these steps:

1. Log into the Web Application Server.
2. Go to this folder \BMC\Service Desk Express\Self Service Desk
3. Take a backup copy for the file tabnavigation.xsl
4. Open the file tabnavigation.xsl with notepad.
5. Search for the word scrolldelay.
6. The following text should appear: <marquee id=”marqWBNotice” loop=”infinite” scrollamount=”3″ scrolldelay=”150″> </marquee>
7. Edit the Scrolldelay value to the desired one, for example: “<marquee id=”marqWBNotice” loop=”infinite” scrollamount=”3″ scrolldelay=”10″> </marquee>”
8. Save the changes.
9.  Clear your Internet Explorer Cache.
10.  Launch Self Service verify that Whiteboard banner works as desired

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