Extended Mimosa NearPoint attachment not opening

2010-05-06 / Desktop, Mimosa NearPoint / 4 Comments

After double clicking on email with extended attachment the email comes right up without loading Mimosa. No attachment is available.

1. Corrupt Form Cache -> Clear Cache -> Restart Outlook
2. If that does not work, make sure allow forms that bypass Outlook is checked

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Outlook 2010 Not Selecting Items Out of Global Address Book

2010-04-05 / Desktop / 2 Comments


When creating new messages theĀ  Check Names does not find users in the address book. The users have to go change the address book from their address took the Global Address List each time.


Set the Default address book for new messages
1. Click Address Book
2.Click Tools->Options from Address book window
3. Click Custom
4. Add Global Address List
5. Move Global Address List to top
6. Select Global Address List from “Show this address list first”

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Move Outlook Appointments To New Calendar

2010-03-15 / Desktop / 0 Comments

To move appointments to a new calendar perform the following:


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Microsoft Office Outlook Cannot Provide Form Scripting Support On Terminal Server

2010-03-15 / Desktop, Server / 1 Comments

Microsoft Office Outlook cannot provide form scripting support

  • If this is occuring on a Terminal Server it is by default as Micrsoft does not allow VBS to run on TS.

A workaround can be applied by:

* Copy the Program Files\Microsoft Office\OfficeXXXX\Outlvbs.dll file from a computer that is not 
       running Microsoft Outlook onto the Terminal Server.
* Delete all registry entries for OutlookVBScript on the TS
* Exit Outlook and go back in.
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