PeopleSoft LDAP Configuration With SSL

2010-05-06 / PeopleSoft / 0 Comments

The following guides will assist in configuring PeopleSoft to use Active Directory for authentication with SSL enabled.
I followed the guides on my HCM, FMS, and Portal Systems and everything is working as normal. Be careful when configuring the ewallet file because that is where I had problems the first go around.


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Oracle Application Server and SSL with Oracle Wallet

2010-03-24 / Oracle / 4 Comments

1. Open Oracle Wallet Manager
     New (create new passwrd) or Open existing

2. Add Certificate Request

3. Import Certificate Response

4. Import Certificate Authority as Trusted Source

5. Save Wallet in correct location

6. Update Oracle Wallet Passwords in ssl.conf under the Oracle\Apache\Apache\conf folder

7. Update Settings in Oracle Enterprise Manager Application Server Control

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